An ancient riddle for a modern crisis

Cursed to tell the truth but never be believed, a young woman named Cassandra once shared the dooms of family and friends in a city called Troy--enslavement and violent death--despite her warnings of certain disaster.

As the earth grows ever hotter and humans quibble over global warming, whom but Cassandra from the legends of our past should the universe send to defend the future? Who is more deserving of a second chance? 

Would a reincarnated Cassandra squander her days by wasting her breath, or would she be a modern sibyl, aware of quantum connections between our thoughts and lives as revealed by The Secret and What the Bleep?

What if she petitions the universe to break the curse and the curse strikes back, leading to murder, grief and guilt? Could she summon the courage to remake her legend, or would she succumb to despair and betray her spirit? These questions and others gave birth to The Sibyl Reborn.

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