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The following explains in part why The Sibyl Reborn is my signature story. The 'about' page on my Quantum Fires blog presents these similarities in full.

In 1997, I used metaphysics to ask the universe for a miracle to save my family from having to relocate. Like my protagonist, I got what I asked for but not what I wanted. I fell asleep while driving and awoke from a coma to find myself paralyzed. While still in rehab, my wife urged me to write a novel to reboot my psyche and force me to use my partially disabled hands. I sketched The Sibyl Reborn and laid it aside while I still hoped to walk.

A lifelong athlete (yoga, hiking, martial arts, modern ballet), I then took a new trail--studying Science to understand my paralysis and promote research that offers a cure. This path led to my involvement in America's stem cell debates, including twice serving as a surrogate White House 'stem cells' spokesperson. I ended my biotech activism when I realized my efforts--however slightly--could benefit those whose values and policies threaten the future of life on Earth.

Today I live with Selene, my wife of twenty-eight years, near the foot of Pikes Peak in Colorado where I belong to Pikes Peak Writers and the board of managers of my HOA. I happily interrupt my writing daily to meet her as she returns from Cassandra-like rambles on our beloved mountains. Also like my protagonist, we hope through The Sibyl Reborn to turn a disastrous and painful experience into a positive contribution toward a sustainable future. 

James Kelly
Manitou Springs
, Colorado

July 2012

Ps. If I'm fortunate enough to meet you (or if you send me an email or tweet), please call me "James" or Jim." I publish as "J. Perry Kelly" because my great-grandmother in County Cork failed to consider how many "James Kellys" would be on Facebook when her great-grandson would one day write a novel.  


Pro-cures activism, 2001--2006                  


  • US Senate, House of Representatives, Texas, Florida, New Jersey
  • New York Academy of Sciences with C. Reeves  
  • CNN International with representative of CRPF 
  • AM Talk Radio, Detroit with Sean J. Morrison 
  • The Seoul Times
  • Human Events
  • The National Review
  • Detroit News
  • Washington Times
Speaking Engagements:                 
  • Surrogate White House spokesperson (on AM Talk radio)
  • Family Research Council, 2005 "Washington Briefing" 
  • White House Rose Garden, Press Conference
"We shall require a new manner of thinking 
if humanity is to survive." Albert Einstein